I love training with Keith – I’m able to develop some new skills with boxing, whilst getting a major intense workout with someone I have come to regard as a great friend. It makes a big difference who you train with, and Keith possesses a unique mix of broad yet expert training knowledge, philosophical musings, and personal motivation and support. Sessions fit around work really well: Keith is incredibly flexible and accommodating when my work plans change, and given I don’t have long to train, Keith never ceases to amaze me with his ability to create a phenomenal workout in the space of a boxing ring! I also appreciate that Keith tailors his sessions to provide variety, an overall level of fitness and development, and to accommodate my race calendar. I thoroughly recommend Keith, he is exceptional.”

Kat Astley - Senior Consultant


"I've known Keith as a first-rate coach and for nearly a quarter of a century. His skills are of the highest order and he is a highly skilled teacher who demands achievement while always astute in judgment of his pupils' limitations. Keith is unflappable and no trouble is too much for him when support is needed. You can expect the best from him at all times."

- Dr Richard Williams, MA, MPhil, PhD, MCLIP


I have been training with Keith for about five months. Learning to box is very rewarding: you develop a new skill at the same time as engaging in intensive exercise. Coupled to that, Keith keeps ringing the changes, so there is always a different challenge. A great way to get, and stay, fit.”


-Noel, Lawyer


“I have had the pleasure of training with Keith on and off for many years. In fact, it was at Keith's gym that I threw my first punch! Since then I have trained in many different gyms worldwide, but am always complimented on the technique I learnt with Keith. His classes provided both discipline and a friendly community atmosphere of which I have many fond memories, and have never quite managed to find anywhere else. In short, Keith is a wonderful, inspirational trainer who will help you surpass your fitness goals and leave you with a smile on your face. I look forward to training with him again in the future!”


-Daisy Martey, Screenwriter


I found Keith for boxing training and wanted to build up my stamina in preparation for the London Marathon. Keith was dedicated to help me on achieving my goal. His training was targeted to strengthen my legs and core in preparation for the long run. He gave advice on diet and made sure I had the fuel I needed on the big day. He gave me a realistic running plan and I managed to finish my first marathon safely and in very good time, 4 hrs 30mins. Keith is a very thoughtful and effective personal trainer. The three months of the running training with him was fun and memorable. I look forward to more joyful training sessions with him. Thank you Keith!"

Yan Yan Lie


I decided to try out a new sport, one which would challenge me and help get me fit; having predominantly done swimming up to this point, I felt like a complete change.


I first met Keith as a kickboxing coach, a sport which at once terrified me and excited me. It sounded fun, but also scary and it definitely sounded like you needed to be fit. Having plucked up the courage, I turned up for the beginner’s course. From that first night, there was no looking back. I spent the next 6 years training with Keith in group classes and one-on-one.


Keith managed to make the exercise fun (no small feat where I was concerned!) He encouraged the class to get to know one another, to enjoy the sessions and to work hard as we learnt new skills and got fit! Learning to punch and kick was revelatory for me. It was an all-round workout, which allowed me to constantly grow and change.


Kickboxing totally transformed my life during this time, and it was mainly due to Keith – he was encouraging, humorous, and a hard task master, but it was all done with such good spirit and great motivation, that at the end of class, we felt good about our achievements. Private lessons pushed me in my abilities, but never left me feeling negative through frustration, or lack of achievement. Rather, he inspired me to work harder and faster at the next session.


Keith also encouraged a healthy competitive edge that never overstepped the mark, and certainly helped me to embrace how great it was to get fit and stay fit. Since moving to Australia 5 years ago, I have not managed to find a class or trainer that can embody skill training, fun and fitness in the same way.”


-Alison Barclay, former student


Wilderness training on Hampstead Heath made me a much stronger runner. Not to mention it's great fun!”​

-Cindy, Administrator​