About Us

A lifelong athlete, Keith Wilson has been coaching sports since 1986, including kickboxing, boxing, track athletics, self-defence, fitness training and off-road endurance running.

Having reached 1st degree black belt in karate by the age of 19, Keith moved to the USA where he trained and competed in boxing, recording 21 amateur contests in 3 years. Returning to Britain, he reached the rank of 5th degree (Dan) black belt in kickboxing.

Moving into personal training, Keith gained a Fitness Leader’s award and a British Weight Lifting Association Award from the North London Polytechnic. He is Level 3 UK Athletics sprint coach with 12 years active involvement in the Highgate Harriers Athletic Club.

As Keith puts it, “There is nothing more gratifying to me than to see someone reach their personal goals. Training transformed my life, and it is a pleasure to coach others in their search for a healthier body and a happier self.”